The Vision To be World’s most preferred and trusted motorcycling accessory provider for the safety and pleasure of all biking enthusiasts The Mission To provide affordable, innovative and reliable motorcycling products that meet the highest internatio

Backed by GIVI’s commitment to becoming a global success, the factory cuts no corners in delivering products of the same quality and high standards that have made the name renowned in Europe. Our modern manufacturing facility in Malaysia is a testimony to this commitment. Measuring over 50,000 sq ft, it features integrated production facilities and the same Italian technology required to produce GIVI products that meet stringent European and other international standards.

Plastic Department

Our high-tech Plastic Injection Department produces all the products in the GIVI product range marketed throughout Asia. Being at the core of our business, it enjoys GIVI’s superior technical knowledge and experience in this area to ensure that each and every GIVI product distributed regionally is of top quality.



Metal Department

GIVI’s patented heavy-duty MONORACK® system is manufactured here. It is another very important department within the manufacturing plant as it also develops the MONORACK system to fit all current motorcycle models available in Asia. In addition, it also produces custom accessories for cruisers.


Painting Department

To ensure a consistent high quality and durable finish on all our products, all spray painting is done in-house under a stringent and controlled environment.


Sewing Department

All manner of stitching and sewing is done under strict supervision using top quality materials and proper production techniques to ensure a good fit and high durability.


Assembly Department

Our systematic assembly method and flexible operation allows us to assemble GIVI boxes in the required volume quickly and efficiently without compromising quality.


Shipping Department

Serving GIVI’s commitment to grow with the Asian region, Our shipping department professionally handles shipment and ensures each consignment arrives at the distributors’ doorsteps throughout Asia according to schedule.