WINDSHIELD Embarking on a journey, experiencing the sensations of sight and sound along the way, this is what motorcycle touring is about, but not if you’re travelling on an unfaired bike. Those pleasing sensations will soon become a nightmare with the wind buffeting against your head and your body battling the windblast to control the bike, so from experience in the motorcycle accessories industry GIVI have produced a range of windshields catering to the streetbikes of today. Aerodynamically designed to fit most bikes or specific models the windshields are equipped with hardware tested by our R & D department and on the road. With emphasis on wind deflecting properties, clarity of the shield, zreducing vibrations that induce blurring and easy installation. So to experience the joys of travelling its wise to have a look at our range of ‘Airstars’ so you arrive fresh and ready for the next trip.